Custom Framing

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The Process:
Start with email or phone communication and let us know what your needs are.  You can email us a picture of your special item/items and our creative staff can determine what will work best for you according to your décor and price limitations. We can then visit with you via email or call you to finalize our suggestions and price quotes.
At that time, if you decide to use our services, you can send us your item and we will frame it and ship it back to you.

We now have a new technology called “Integrated Framer.”  We can use this wonderful technology to create for you an image of what your finished piece will look like.  We can then send you pictures of different matting and framing options showing what your finished product would look like. You can either approve the selection/selections or send us back to the drawing board. 

We believe that our quality, prices, and experience in the framing market are unequaled.  Because of the quantity of framing that is done in our frame shop, we are able to take advantage of quantity discounts with our venders and pass the savings on to our customers.

Call Whites' Art Gallery today at 1- 641-342-7152 or 1-800-315-5304 or email us at

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