In keeping with our long tradition of supporting and working with conservation organizations, White’s is proud to announce a new release of the Iowa Pheasants Forever Council Art works. The Iowa PF Council has produced an annual Print-of-The- Year, created by renowned Iowa Artists such as Maynard Reese, Larry Zach, Greg Bordignon and many others, since 1989. Most years are SOLD OUT !

In 2014, the Iowa PF Council took over selection of the Iowa Habitat Stamp prints and stamps. Prior to 2014 the IDNR had overseen production and distribution. Known for their dedication to quality and customer service, The Iowa PF Council, selected White’s Woodworking as the exclusive outlet to produce and distribute both the Print-of The -Year and Habitat Stamp prints. Until now, distribution has been limited to local PF Chapters for local fundraising event. The prints have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for local wildlife habitat projects.

Here at White’s, we’re proud to announce a release, to the public, of selected Print-of -The Year and Habitat prints. You will not see these prints at any other location.

The GO – WILD part guarantees that 100% of the profit goes to purchase and protection of wildlife Habitat right here in Iowa. Local PF Chapters, The PF State Council and Artwork has helped purchase over 40,000 acres of public land in Iowa—check us out at www.iowapf.net. The 100 PF Chapters and 18,000 plus PF members across Iowa, not to mention future generations, say THANK YOU for GOING – WILD!